Hey 👋  I’m Sourabh!

Currently building Socials & work as a Spreadsheet Builder at Rows.

If you’re here to explore more about Google Apps Script, you may want to check out my dedicated space for that over at script.gs.

Projects #

Apr-2022: Published Webhooks for Sheets add-on & launched it on Product Hunt
Feb-2022: Launched stk.so — Customizable, short URLs for Stack Overflow profiles.
Nov-2021: Started building socials.so — an API to lookup social media links connected to a domain.

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Talks #

Oct-2020: Rapid prototyping — Fail-fast while building business-first, zero-cost solutions with Apps Script.
Jul-2020: Only with Apps Script.
May-2020: Google Apps Script - An underdog within the dev ecosystem.

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Milestones #

Oct-2021: Enrolled with the Google Cloud Champion Innovator program.
Apr-2020: Got accepted as a Workspace Google Developer Expert (GDE).

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Awards #

Dec-2021: Voted as the person who best represents the value of Giving as part of Rows Values Awards.
Jun-2019: Alice Award for Automation @Exotel — “For being Exotel’s human Turing machine. If it’s Turing is complete, Sourabh will automate it.”

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The site #

In case you’re wondering how I came about building this gorgeous looking site — well, its the Minimalist theme powered by Jekyll that I borrowed from Bodun Hu, managed with GitHub and hosted on Vercel.